Here are the dates of every New Moon and Full Moon in 2020

If you’re tracking the moon cycles in 2020, here are the dates you need to jot down for each Full Moon and New Moon. Bookmark, pin, or print this page for easy reference!

You may find it helpful to know your own personal moon sign if you don’t already. Here’s how to find out what it is.

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2020 New Moon Dates

January 24

February 23

March 24

April 22

May 22

June 21

July 20

August 18

September 17

October 16

November 15

December 14

Get 100+ ideas for celebrating the New Moon here!

2020 Full Moon Dates

January 10

February 9

March 9

April 8

May 7

June 5

July 5

August 3

September 2

October 2 31

November 30

December 30

October 2020 Blue Moon

You’ll notice there are 13 Full Moons in 2020 – October has one on the second and then another on the 31st. When this happens, the second Full Moon in a month is called a “Blue Moon.” You may have heard the expression “Once in a Blue Moon” – this is where it comes from. A Blue Moon occurs, on average, every 2.7 years. This October 2020 Blue Moon is pretty special in that it also falls on Halloween.

More Moon Phases

You can learn more about all eight phases of the moon here.

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