How to hold a virtual moon circle

At the moment, pretty much the whole world feels out of whack, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. People are stuck at home, isolated. The routines that make life feel safer and more normal have been put aside for the time being.

It is precisely for this reason that women who hold monthly moon circles should continue to hold them: These rituals provide a sense of continuity, normalcy and spiritual connection.

However, for most, it isn’t possible to hold these meetings in person. Thankfully, moon circles can still meet via online platforms, like Zoom or Skype. If you and your circle sisters want to hold virtual moon meetings for the time being, here are some things to consider.

1.Choose a Media Platform

Meeting software, like Skype, Zoom or GoTo Meeting, allow people to meet up virtually. Many of these platforms have free offerings. Choosing the right online meeting platform is crucial.

It’s also important to review how to use the platform if you’ve never tried it before. Perhaps, your group can do a short meet up to learn the ropes before you actually meet for the moon circle. This would allow everyone to learn where all the buttons are, how to use any chat functions and how to screen share. There are an abundance of free tutorial videos on YouTube if you need help getting started.

Once you have the meeting platform chosen, send out invitations via email or create a Facebook events page. Doing the latter has some advantages, the primary one being a backup form of communication should you run into trouble during the meet up.

2.Make a List of Items and Events

According to MindBodyGreen, the most essential items for a moon circle are a pen and a notebook. Other items you might incorporate might be:

When the meeting’s leader sends out the email invitation, a list of these items should be included. It’s also wise to encourage participants to set up their space in advance. They’ll need to determine how they’ll deal with technology during the meeting:

  • Will they use a laptop, their phone or a tablet to join the circle?
  • Will they create an altar?

This is another reason why a meet up before the meet up might be helpful.

Your schedule of events doesn’t have to differ too much from your usual meetings. If you’re hosting at the New Moon, here are 100 ideas of things your group can do.

4.Send Invites

Moon circles usually take place at the New or Full moon. Check out our moon calendar to find the next one.

Your meeting time should also be after dark so that everyone can take advantage of the blessings the moon circle has to offer. You can use apps like Google Calendar or Facebook events to send out the invites.

5. Shine Light on Everyone’s Unique Gifts

Your moon circle will be particularly unique and transformative the more each member is able to bring their unique gifts to the table. For example, maybe one guest will offer to do a tarot reading for the group. Maybe another friend can offer her timely astrological insight.

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