100 New Moon Rituals

Moon rituals aren’t new by any means, but they are definitely making a comeback. Full moon and New moon rituals in particular are becoming more common. It makes sense that we might want to modernize our New Moon rituals a bit.

One thing to keep in mind is that New Moon energy is similar to Spring energy. It’s associated with beginnings, planting, and newness. Other words to keep in mind are cleansing, releasing, and intentions.

There is no need to follow a rigid ceremony to tap into the energy of the New Moon. In fact, it’s great if you can create your own unique New Moon practice using your own rituals.

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New Moon Ritual Ideas

These 100 ideas can help you piece together a New Moon ritual that’s perfect for you. It might not even look the same every month, and that makes sense!

Do A Grounding meditation

Feeling flighty? A grounding meditation can help you feel more controlled and tame what Buddhists call “Monkey Mind.” The New Moon is a wonderful time to do this practice. Here’s how to do a grounding meditation.

Take a ritual New Moon bath

As a time of cleansing, bathing is a no-brainer practice to include in your New Moon ritual. Use salts and pleasant aromas. This can be a wonderful time to meditate or journal using some of the other ideas.

Set your intentions

Now is the time to think about what you really want and set intentions to bring about over the coming lunar cycle. Write down your intentions and keep the list somewhere safe.

Create and/or clear sacred spaces

Altars can be as practical or as mystical as you’d like. For example, you might have a shelf dedicated to all things spiritual where you keep crystals, herbs, your journal, and other items. Or perhaps you simply have these items thoughtfully placed all around your home. Either way, the New Moon is a wonderful time to consider spaces like these and clean then, refresh them, or set up something new.

Use symbolism to manifest

Certain rituals use a lot of symbolism. For example, there’s a ritual floating around to tie your intentions to a helium balloon and then releasing it, symbolizing your will to “release” your intentions out into the Universe. (Please don’t do this particular ritual – it’s bad for the environment!)

There are so many ways to use this idea to step into the reality that you’re trying to create.

Plant seeds of desire.

Now is the time to get really honest about what it is that you want to create.

Host a New Moon gathering.

Consider hosting a New Moon gathering where others can join you in ceremony. You can all choose ritual ideas from this list, bring cleansing foods to share, and share resources to create a more well-rounded event.

Set goals.

Setting intentions and setting goals are similar but different. Goals are a bit more tangible and lead you to think about the “how” as much as the “what.” Plan action steps for the coming lunar cycle that will help you manifest your desired intentions and add them to your calendar.

Assess your habits

What habits are you holding onto that no longer serve you? What habits are you growing in that you’d like to amplify even more? The New Moon is a good time to think about these and journal what you’d like to see.

Start new projects

If you have new projects on the horizon, the New Moon is a great time to get started on them.

Set boundaries

If you’ve been cloudy with your boundaries, use the energy you have during this time to solidify them. Here are some phrases you can use to help you enforce boundaries with others.

Clear negative energy

Any cleansing practices will be particularly effective now. Burning sage or other herbs is one way.

Connect with the zodiac sign the moon is under.

October 27, 2019’s New Moon is in the sign of Scorpio. The New Moon is always close to the Sun, so it’s always going to fall in whatever sign the Sun is in.

There are many ways to connect with the zodiac archetype associated with the current New Moon:

  • Meditate on and journal about the qualities of that sign you’d like to see more of in your life.
  • Use zodiac oils in your self care routine.
  • Spend time with a loved one ruled by that sign.
  • Learn more about the energy of that zodiac sign.


Visualizing is a huge part of manifestation and achieving goals. It’s important to be be focused and visualize with clarity what you’re trying to create. Think “as if,” imagining what it really will be like, look like, and most importantly: feel like when your intentions come to be.

Try something new

If you’re planning to do something you’ve never done before, schedule it during the New Moon!

Connect with someone new

Similarly, plan a first date or first meeting with something when the moon is dark.

Cleansing sounds

Try listening to binaural beats, high frequency sounds, and other cleansing sounds during the New Moon.

Get a facial

Schedule a facial or do one at home. In particular, it’s a great time for treatments that are cleansing: pore extraction, peels, etc.


The Emotional Freedom Technique is a well known intervention for anxiety that can help you release habits and thought patterns that you want to eliminate. Try a round of EFT during the New Moon.


Clean out your junk drawer, toss out old mail, and tackle any other decluttering products to make space for the new.

New moon mantras

Recite mantras that deal with cleansing, newness, and the like. You can even find mantras based on your zodiac sign.

New music

Discover new music now. Ask your friends for recommendations or listen to a new station.

Cleanse crystals

If you use crystals, the New Moon is a good time to cleanse them.

Cleansing foods

Eat cleansing foods now, like those rich in antioxidants and fiber.

Clean plants

Show houseplants some love right now – water them, clean out water trays, remove debris.

Refresh decor

Bring newness into your space by changing your home decor. Hang new art and bring seasonal elements in!

Change bedding

Stick with the freshness theme and change your bedding. Clean sheets and fresh pillowcases feel SO amazing!


Use this journaling technique to “brain dump” and get a lot of thoughts out quickly. Simply set a timer and write – 15 minutes is plenty. Don’t think about what you’re writing, just go. You’ll probably be really amazed at what you come up with.

Cleansing hair treatment

Remove buildup from your hair and give it new life with a cleansing hair treatment.

Begin a new workout routine

Beginning a new exercise program can be especially refreshing at this time. Pilates, yoga, HIIT? It’s all good: pursue whatever interests you.

Make dietary changes

If you’ve been interested in trying a new way of eating, the New Moon can be a good time to start. Whether you’re cutting out gluten or trying keto for the first time, it’s just another “new” thing that works out great for this type in the Lunar cycle.

Start a new class

Take a new class in something that interests you. It might be a new skill, a safety course, a college program, or an online course.


New Moon energy is helpful when it comes to organization projects. Think about where you’d like to see more order in your life. Is it your schedule? Or maybe your spice cabinet. Tackle those issues now and create systems that will help you in the long haul.


The New Moon isn’t just a time for creating; it’s a time for amplifying too. Donate now to causes that you want to see expand.

Diffuse cleansing essential oils

Clary sage, tea tree, and peppermint are a few good choices.

Cleansing herbs

Bring whole herbs into your day too. Whether you’re adding them to your cooking or to beauty products, cleansing herbs are a good choice now. Peppermint and citrus come to mind. Dandelion is also cleansing for the liver.

Plan a trip

Even if you can’t take off and explore somewhere new right this second, it’s a good time to plan your trip, book tickets, and do any prerequisite travel tasks.

Tear down blocks.

Are there intentions that you keep setting over and over again that don’t come to fruition? You’re likely blocking them somehow. Explore ways you’re saying “no” to what you want – and release that habit!

New moon candles

Candles are a popular item for all sorts of rituals. Choose scents like peppermint, clary sage, citrus that are made with real herbs and oils.

Plants and candles being lit with a long match.

Create a vision board

Now is the time to be thinking about your intentions, so create a vision board already! You can use magazine clippings, photos, and objects. You can even create a digital vision board with Pinterest and set it as your home page.

Consider the 6 month astrological cycle

According to the AstroTwins, there’s a 6 month lunar cycle to keep in mind when you’re trying to create something new in your life.

This is how it works: the intentions you set now, theoretically, should come to fruition by the full moon 6 months from now, when the Full Moon is in the sign the New Moon is in now. For example, intentions set during today’s Scorpio New Moon should manifest by the Scorpio Full Moon on May 7, 2020.

It’s just one theory, of course – but something to think about!

Take a day off

The New Moon is pretty low energy. If you’re just not feeling up for a lot of activity, be gentle with yourself and take the day off.

Banish negative energy

It’s an ideal day to clear negative energy. Cord cutting, smudging, and banishing are all a few ways to do that.

Save or stash money

Plant seeds of abundance by putting some money away somewhere.

Deep clean your house

Cleanse all the things! Hire a deep clean or DIY – today is a great day for getting rid of the old to make room for the new.


If you have any planting or transplanting to do, the New Moon is a great time for it. This is a very traditional New Moon activity. Think of it as a way to connect with the generations that came before, too.

Get a trim

An old wives’ tale I’ve heard is to get a hair cut between the New Moon and the Full Moon if you want your hair to grow fast. So if you’re growing your hair out but need to trim the split ends, it’s worth a shot today!

Choose a power word

The concept of choosing a power word is often associated with the New Year. A new lunar cycle is another great time to think about a specific word you want to embody. You can connect with your power word in a number of ways: use it as your password (add numbers and stuff for security!), make art around it, and meditate on it daily.

Go somewhere new

Explore an area of your city that you haven’t been able to before.

Create art

Feeling creative? Bring a new piece of work into the world.

Rededicate your intentions

Think about the intentions you’ve set before. Are those still serving you? Release what’s not working for you and rededicate yourself to the ones that are still important.


If you’re launching a new business venture or project, the New Moon is a great time to do so! This is particularly true for long-term projects.

Quit sugar.

It’s a great time to cut back on sugar if you’ve been wanting to do that.

Clean out your closet

Clear out old clothes, old junk, and whatever you don’t really need anymore. The space will be so refreshing.

Detox your home

Use this time to make the switch from toxic cleaners to more natural options if you haven’t done so already.

Detox your makeup collection

Likewise, toss out old makeup! Switching to nontoxic versions is another good activity for the New Moon.

Bring in air-purifying plants

Improve your indoor air quality and bring new life into your home by bringing in cleansing plants.

New moon yoga

Attempt a new asana or start yoga if it’s not already part of your routine.

Connect with your natal moon sign

Find out what your natal moon sign is and use this time to connect with that part of yourself.

Inner child work

The New Moon energy encourages to go within, making this a great time to do inner child work. Healing childhood trauma and exploring ways to express our stifled inner child is appropriate now.

Hair removal

According to another traditional New Moon belief, hair removal will last longer performed on or just before the New Moon. So if body hair isn’t your thing, it’s a good time for a wax.

Clean out your refrigerator

All the deep cleaning tasks we love to put off fit in well right now.


Out with the old, right? Dead skin cells count! Exfoliate from head to toe to reveal fresh skin.

New moon herbal infusion

Enjoy a peppermint or lemon balm infusion today – it’s cleansing and refreshing for this time.

Write an abundance check

Maybe you’ve heard the story about actor/comedian Jim Carrey writing himself a 10 million dollar check at the very beginning of his career, which he then manifested a year later. The Abundance Check ritual is a similar concept.

Quit smoking

All bad habits can be abolished now. If you’ve been trying or wanting to quit smoking, it’s a great time.

New moon massage

Create a massage oil with cleansing oils to use today.

New moon crystals

Quartz, Labrodorite, and Staurolite are all associated with the New Moon. Use them in your rituals today.

What to wear on the new moon

Whatever makes you feel refreshed, rejuvenated, and like the “new you” is a great choice.

New moon manicure

It’s a great time to try something new. Why not a moon inspired manicure?

Implement new systems

As with all things organization, new systems can be implemented today. Maybe you want to start meal planning or make changes to your routine. Now’s the time!

Rotate your wardrobe

Bring new life into what you wear by rotating your wardrobe for the season and by introducing new pieces.

Shadow work

Exploring your subconscious or engaging in Existential Kink isn’t for the faint of heart. These practices can yield especially juicy results right now.


The New Moon is associated with planting seeds to watch them grow, so it makes sense that it would be a good time to invest money into stocks, into businesses, or in other ways.

Step into the new you

Stop holding on to old parts of you that you don’t resonate with anymore.

Start a new book

Crack open a new book you’ve been wanting to read today.

Start a new journal

Am I the only one who makes way too big of a deal about writing in a brand new journal or notebook for the first time? I know I’m not. Anyway, the New Moon is a great time for these tangible types of beginnings!

Release relationships

Toxic relationships, one-sided “friendships,” and other relationships that aren’t adding value to your life need to go. The New Moon is a good time to cut ties, or at least put some distance between you.

Release toxic thought patterns

Identify ways your thoughts are holding you back and commit to changing those patterns today.

Begin herbal infusions.

Any herbal infusions you want to make can be begun now.

Apologize for past wrongs.

If you need to apologize for something you’ve done, now’s the time to seek forgiveness. Not only that, but forgive yourself as well.

Repair and restore relationships.

Where do your relationships need restoration? The New Moon is a good time to do that kind of work.

Repair items.

Items can be restored during this time as well. Electronics, clothing, household items – now’s the time!

Get an oil change.

Does your car need cleansing as well? Schedule an oil change and/or car detailing during the New Moon.

Clean out your handbag.

Chances are you have plenty of items in your handbag that were tossed in quickly and don’t need to be there any more. Take the time to declutter your bag during the New Moon.

Clean out your wallet.

Cleaning out your wallet is a powerful act of getting rid of the old to make room for abundance. Toss out old receipts, cards you don’t use and anything else that doesn’t need to be there anymore.

Forgiveness ritual

Forgiveness is a form of “letting go” so it makes sense to do any forgiveness work during the New Moon.

Fertility ritual

If you’re trying to conceive, fertility rituals are especially appropriate during the New Moon.

Practice surrender

As much as the New Moon is about setting intentions for what you want to create, it’s also good to reflect on surrendering to what is.

New moon herb salts

Salt is cleansing, and herbal salts can be a beautiful part of your self care routine. Use this time to create a batch of herb salts that you can use today and the rest of the lunar cycle. Try lavender bath salts or use different oils based on what you want to make.

Try a new look

It’s a time for trying new things, so switch up your makeup or wear a new outfit.

Sow what you want to reap

Take at least one small practical step toward the intentions you’ve set. For example, if you’ve set the intention to pay off a credit card – make a small payment right away. Even if its only a few dollars, it will put you in the mode of sowing and taking tangible steps toward what you want.


It really doesn’t matter if you’re flirting with a partner or if you’re single and flirting with someone new. Flirtation is so exciting because of the unexpected,
“new” energy behind it. New Moon vibes, for sure.

Embrace a “fresh start”

Address any situations in your life where you want to see a fresh start. The renewal energy of the New Moon is on your side for those types of things.

Clean your jewelry

When is the last time you cleaned your jewelry? Under the New Moon is a great time to do so.

Digital detox

Take some time to delete files you no longer need, unsubscribe from content you don’t resonate with anymore, and unfollow people that make you feel bad. You can do a full digital detox or just spend a bit of time on this.

Try a new recipe

It’s time to try new things – a new recipe is a simple and fun way to do that!

2019 New Moon Dates

  • October 27
  • November 26
  •  December 26

2020 New Moon Dates

  • January 24
  • February 23
  • March 24
  • April 22
  • May 22
  • June 21
  • July 20
  • August 18
  • September 17
  • October 16
  • November 15
  • December 14

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